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US-China trade dispute drive US, European firms to cut investment in China [2018-9-20]
China needs 200 new freighters by 2037 due to e-commerce growth: Boeing [2018-9-20]
China retaliates against Trump's move to slap tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods [2018-9-20]
Tariffs make it unprofitable to sell China-made Ford Focus Actives in US [2018-9-13]
MSC increases raft of seasonal rates and surcharges worldwide [2018-9-13]
Asia-Europe rate falls 6.9pc to US$868/TEU, rises 1.5pc to USWC [2018-9-13]
Carriers inject capacity to transpacific to capitalise on high rates [2018-9-13]
China seeks billions of dollars from private investors for 28 aviation projects [2018-9-3]
Cosco receives China-built 20,000 TEU box ship to serve Asia-Europe trade [2018-9-3]
Asia-Europe rate rises 3.3pc to US$959/TEU, up 1.9pc to USWC [2018-9-3]

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